To Our New Leaders

THANK YOU for registering to be an adult leader in our pack! You are filling a great need, and setting an awesome example for your scouts!

To get started, I do have your application on file, however I have confirmed with our District Executive that I cannot turn them in to complete your registration until you complete Youth Protection Training.
  1. You may do this in person this Saturday during Super Training Day (register online by 9/19: You can get your Position-Specific training done this day as well! When you get your card, text or email me a picture so I can turn it in to the council along with your application.
  2. OR you may do this completely online by going to, create an account, and begin the Youth Protection Training.  When completed, send me a picture or screenshot of your certificate, so that I can turn it in to the council along with your application.
EXISTING LEADERS: If you have not completed the new online YPT, you must have this completed by 10/1. Remember, this replaces the old version, so it must be completed for your registration to be current with the pack. Text or email me a pic of the certificate to update your file with the pack.
As always, if you have any questions, I am here to help!